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About Bach Flowers

& Bachs Rescue Remedy

Curiosity about Bach Flowers has risen over the last few years with the ever increasing public interest in complimentary and alternative medicine.

Bach flowers are an alternative treatment approach developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a well-known pathologist, bacteriologist and homeopath in 1928. While he experimented with medicine made from flower extracts, he discovered that the essence of different flower varieties had beneficial effect to his patients, assisting them in leading a positive and healthy lifestyle.

He believed that true health could be achieved by treating the patient's individual personality rather than solely focusing on their disease. With that, treatment combines natural with physical elements to assist in releasing old and blocked energies inside the body, which is perceived as the cause of the disease.

About Bach Flowers and Bachs Rescue Remedy

Bach flower is a form of homeopathic treatment that seeks to alleviate specific conditions by targeting their root source. It is believed that the body's energy is a vital force that has the power to initiate healing. Hence, this treatment involves stimulation of the body's natural defence against illness by using the recommended dosage of flower extracts. Once the energy is rebalanced, physical healing will take place.

There are 38 flower remedies developed by Dr. Bach. Believing that plants hold life energies, he used the extracts of certain varieties of flowers to deliver the highest quality of life energies that may induce healing. Each of the flower essences are specifically developed to administer a specific healing action.

The benefits of Bach's flower treatment are primarily based on anecdotal reports, which are reviewed by various clinical trials. However, the benefits enjoyed from this treatment depend on the patient's emotional makeup and general health. Since it administers healing based on the understanding of an individual's physical disease as well as emotional and mental states, patient responses vary.

Among cancer patients, therapists recommend the use of flower remedy to help them cope with feelings of stress, fear, anxiety or panic and anger. With the use of natural flower essences, this healing method helps lift mood, promoting calm and relaxation. Though treatment will not help eradicate cancer, it is said to boost immune system function, which of course may indirectly benefit cancer healing.

About Bach Flower Preparations

There are 38 individual Bach Flower remedies listed under seven more general headings. Each group represents a particular state of mind with the individual flower targeting a more specific emotion.

  • Fear
    • Aspen
    • Cherry Plum
    • Mimulus
    • Red Chestnut
    • Rock Rose

  • Uncertainty
    • Cerato
    • Gentian
    • Gorse
    • Hornbeam
    • Scleranthus
    • Wild Oat

  • Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances
    • Chestnut Bud
    • Clematis
    • Honeysuckle
    • Mustard
    • Olive
    • White Chestnut
    • Wild Rose

  • Over Care for Welfare of Others
    • Beech
    • Chicory
    • Rock Water
    • Vervain
    • Vine

  • Over-Sensitivity to Influences And Ideas
    • Agrimony
    • Centaury
    • Holly
    • Walnut

  • Loneliness
    • Heather
    • Impatiens
    • Water Violet

  • Despondency or Despair
    • Crab Apple
    • Elm
    • Larch
    • Oak
    • Pine
    • Star of Bethlehem
    • Sweet Chestnut
    • Willow

About Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy

Most of us have heard of Bachs Rescue Remedy at some point or seen it in health stores. Have you ever thought to actually try it? I hadn't until I wrote this page when I realised that I could find numerous reasons to give it a go. Ok, I don't have skin cancer, but myself and my husband suffer incredible anxiety and stress with our young son and his numerous health issues. Couple that with lack of sleep from his almost nightly 'night terrors' and there's a mighty big reason to try Bach Rescue Remedy!

Bachs Rescue Remedy is a combination of five of the original flower remedies;

  • Impatiens - For Irritation and Impatients
  • Star Of Bethlehem - For Shock
  • Cherry Plum - For Irrational And Repetitive Thoughts
  • Rock Rose - For Feelings Of Terror and Panic
  • Clematis - For Inattentiveness

This is a great mix don't you think? The rescue remedy dosage is 4 drops on the tongue up to four times per day. Alternatively it can be mixed with water and sipped slowly. What's even better is that it is also available as Rescue Remedy Pastilles, Bach Rescue Remedy Cream and a fabulous Rescue Remedy Sleep preparation (what we're using for our son to help him drift off to sleep calmly and hopefully avoid a night terror).

Summary About Bach Flowers

Perhaps the more important thing that you should know about Bach flowers is that is it side-effect free and safe to use even for extended period of time. Bach remedies are prepared from non-toxic substances. Unlike other remedies, the treatment delivers positive effects so there's no need to stop taking flower essences. Today, Bach flower treatment preparations are now manufactured by more than 400 companies worldwide.

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