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Skin Cancer Fom Over Exposure To UV Rays

My name is Amanda and I decided to produce this website after my mother survived malignant melanoma twice. Other members of my family had developed squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma and I was told that my Irish fair skin placed me at an extremely high risk of developing a melanoma especially if I had suffered sunburn as a child.

Having spent many months researching this subject for my own peace of mind, I was shocked at the high level of ambiguous information made available for the public - especially on the internet.

Through this ambiguity, I and many other members of the public, have been led to believe that the cause of malignant skin growths was solely UV radiation. The culprit being from overexposure to either sunlight (causing sunburn), or from overuse and incorrect use of tanning beds. I believed, if somewhat naively, that after many years of sunbathing, there was an elevated risk of developing a skin lesion, i.e. a mole changing in appearance which may eventually develop into a malignant melanoma and possibly prove fatal.

I have brought together all the information I have researched and produced this website to raise awareness that reducing the risk of skin cancer is not simply a case of wearing a sunblock.

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Is a cancerous mole the only cause of melanoma?
A cancerous mole isn't the only cause of malignant melanoma. According to research, although rare, it may develop on a scar site or areas of long-term ulceration. It also happened to my mother.
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Actinic Keratosis now affects one in six people, these skin growths may develop into squamous cell cancer. This page will give you more information on how to spot if you might have it.
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Recent Skin Cancer Research
Recent skin cancer research has yielded some surprising options for treatment.
What causes skin cancer?
The truth about what causes skin cancer, save your children from developing it and learn how your environment may put you at risk.
Actinic Cheilitis Facts
Actinic Cheilitis is actually Actinic Keratosis but refers to premalignant skin lesions on the lower lip. It has the ability to develop into Squamous Cell Carcinoma so get it checked Now!
Bowen's Disease - The Facts
Bowen's Disease produces skin growths that can be more of a nuisance than anything else. However, it can lead to invasive squamous cell carcinoma, so should you leave it alone or have it removed?
Leukoplakia and Erythroplakia
Leukoplakia and Erythroplakia premalignant skin lesion facts.
Squamous Skin Cancer and Chemical Exposure
Squamous Skin Cancer can develop from chemical exposure, not just from the sun!
Is Skin Cancer Hereditary?
Is skin cancer hereditary? This article explores the possibility of skin cancer being passed through the genes, posing the question, does famillial skin cancer increase your risk of developing it?
Tanning Beds And Skin Cancer...Is There A Relationship?
The Confirmed Link Between Tanning Beds And Skin Cancer
Cancer Causing Chemicals
Cancer causing chemicals are everywhere in our environment. For more information on how you can develop squamous skin cancer, read here.
Skin Cancer In Children
Skin cancer in children is unlikely unless there is a medical reason such as radiotherapy or damaged DNA
Signs of Skin Cancer
Rare signs of skin cancer and unusual causes mean that we may be unaware of other signs to look for. The common 'ABCDE' method may not be enough to make sure we are looking for every possible sign.
How To Prevent Skin Cancer - 20 Excellent Tips!
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Sunscreen Facts - Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer Now!
Sunscreen facts. Sunscreen does not fully protect your skin from harmful UV radiation, but read on to find out how to effectively use it to reduce the risk of skin cancer.
Current Melanoma Clinical Trial Information
A melanoma clinical trial isn't for everyone. But for those which conventional treatments are not working, an experimental treatment may offer hope.
Melanoma Symptoms - The 'Hidden' Facts
Melanoma symptoms can mimic the common cold or hemorrhoids . Because some melanomas are 'hidden' skin growths, it's important to be aware of any changes in strange areas.
The Cause Of Melanoma - It's Not Just About The Sun Anymore.
Nobody knows the true cause of melanoma, however, it is prudent to be aware of all causal effects to minimise the risk of developing this disease.
Complimentary And Alternative Medicine
Complimentary and alternative medicine - A look at themost popular therapies and how they may benefit the skin cancer patient. contact page contact us page.
Skin Cancer Survivor Blog
Visit the skin cancer survivors blog NOW for interesting new articles and up-to-date information on skin cancer research.
Malignant Melanoma Treatment
Malignant Melanoma Treatment Options and Methods
Prognosis for Melanoma with Survival Rates
The prognosis for melanoma may seem shocking but if caught early, many can be as good as cured.
Fast Facts About Sunscreen - 5 Things You Absolutely MUST Know!
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Chemicals That Cause Cancer
Some commonly found chemicals that cause cancer - coal tar product, arsenic, soot, creosote, paraffin wax, motor oil etc.
Ingredients In Sunscreen
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Effects Of Sunscreen On Babies
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Sunscreen and Acne
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Scalp Sunscreen
Scalp sunscreen - Find out how to help prevent skin cancer developing and hiding away under the hair on your scalp.
Sunscreen Allergies
Sunscreen allergies - protect your skin from harmful UV radiation without causing a rash.
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Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment Methods And Their Safety.
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Massage For Cancer Patients
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About Bach Flowers and Bachs Rescue Remedy
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Ayurvedic Cancer Treatment
Ayurvedic Cancer Treatment - A balance of mind, body and soul through massage, diet and natural remedy.
Meditation For Cancer Related Stress
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Surviving Cancer And Counselling
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Exercise Reduces Stress And Aids Recovery
Exercise Reduces Stress And Aids Recovery For Melanoma Patients
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